Animals of Madagascar colouring sheet

The Antakarana live in an isolated, rocky place in the far north of Madagascar. Some of them work as fishermen on the coast. Others who live in inland villages raise cattle and grow rice.

At one point in their history the Antakarana were in danger of being wiped out by another people group, the Merina. To escape, the Antakarana hid in caves for over a year. Life was difficult and many died. Their King prayed that if his people survived, they would embrace Islam. They found refuge on the island of Nosy Mitsio and converted to Islam in the 1840s. Now they mix Islam with their original ancestor worship, and spend their lives trying to please spirits.

Madagascar is home to a whole lot of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. In fact 90% of all the plants and animals there are only found in Madagascar. That includes lemurs, the carnivorous fossa and the Madagascar long eared owl. Why not download a colouring sheet with some of these animals.

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