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“Jesus speaks Turkana!”

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This article was first featured alongside our Prayer Diary in July 2019. You can download the July 2019 prayer points here or sign-up to receive future editions by post or email.

Joy Koch explains the difference that language can make. 

“Jesus speaks Turkana!” exclaimed a woman while watching the Jesus Film in a mostly Turkana area of Maralal, Kenya. The implications of her statement were, ‘Jesus speaks my language! Jesus understands me!’ The Jesus portrayed in the film speaking Turkana made a great impression on this woman and probably made her much more receptive to hear what Jesus taught.

To hear the Word of God in your heart language is a privilege and a joy. In our area, it is essential the Samburu hear God’s Word in Samburu. Most people here do not understand any other language. Some may understand a bit of Swahili or English, but Samburu is the language in which they think and speak. If the gospel is to penetrate this community, they need to hear it in their heart language.

We are thankful that the final draft of the Samburu New Testament is now being printed. Since many Samburu cannot read, an audio version of the New Testament is also being prepared. Matthew and some other New Testament books have already been recorded. Pray for the Samburu who are listening to those words using solar MP3 players called ‘Treasures’.

Martin & Joy Koch

We are working in Lchakwai, Kenya, seeking to reach the Samburu with the gospel and disciple believers. Our prayer is that a number of Samburu will commit their lives to Christ and a fellowship of believers will be formed.

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