Pray for northern Mozambique

Steve and Sharon Entwistle share some news from their former ministry area, northern Mozambique, about violent attacks that are happening there. Please join with us in praying for this situation.

Searing hurt, unbridled terror, and devastating loss oozes through frantic phone messages and grips tight fingers around our hearts.  

How can this be?  

We once bounced through those pothole strewn streets, veering to avoid a stray sheep or perhaps an over-burdened bicycle stacked precariously with bags of charcoal. We’d wave sweaty arms to a friend buying fish or stop for a handful of salty roasted peanuts. Dust flying, smells intermingling, laugher ringing.  

The picture that is being described to us now? Devastation, charred buildings, smouldering embers, precious souls discarded in the streets. Angry insurgents plowed through the town of Mocimboa Da Praia with seething hatred, setting the town ablaze and killing many caught in their path. The church where we worshipped for ten years has been burned to the ground, the homes and all the belongings of so many friends, turned to ashes.  

Our Pastor, Samuel, narrowly escaped with his life after hiding for three days, to tell of his neighbours being slaughtered in their street.  

The north of Mozambique has errupted over the past two years with insurgent violence. Thousands are displaced and running for their lives. Loss and grief run to the depths of traumatised hearts and desperation for rescue permeates weary minds.  

Having walked those dirt trails for ten years, our hearts still ring with memories, pull with love. The burdens and sadness of our friends in Mozambique weigh heavy on our hearts. Please would you join us in praying for an end to the violence? Pray that God would send angels to guard over his people and rescue them. Pray that truth would reign through the darkness of fear. We do trust in our good and all-powerful God. He knows each heart and loves them dearly.

How can you help?

  1. 1. Pray. These brothers and sisters need to know they are not alone. Our God hears our prayers and answers!  
  2. 2. Learn. Read more about the situation. Here are some links to articles that might help.

    Insurgents stage ‘very violent’ attack close to gas projects in Mozambique – Reuters

    Mozambique: Terrorists Attack Mocimboa Da Praia Again –

    ‘Many dead’ in fourth raid on Mozambique’s Mocimboa da Praia – Daily Maverick

  3. 3. Give to the relief fund. We are hoping to provide funds to several of the families we personally know to help them relocate in safer areas of Mozambique. If you are interested in helping in this way, you can contact Steve at and ask to give to the Northern Mozambique Outreach Fund, quoting the reference ‘SR-MOZ-159-R‘.

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