Going for his kingdom

Everyone’s call to serve God is different. Kay, serving in a Creative Access Nation, shares how he called her. For security reasons, emails avoid or disguise certain key words, but we trust you know what’s being said.

‘I’ve had a desire and interest in M-work since childhood and after graduating and, working for a couple of years as a nurse, a profession which I love, I felt Dad leading me towards work overseas. I felt inadequate – ‘What did I have to offer?’ At least here I could offer my nursing qualification and skills.

“G0d showed me my desire first and foremost must be for his kingdom.”

As I started to look into opportunities and pr@y, I felt G0d challenging my motives: ‘Kay, why are you going? Are you going to nurse? What good is addressing physical needs without addressing eternal needs and separation from G0d?’ I began to question my motives and even my calling. During this time I realised nursing could only ever be a tool, never a reason for going. G0d showed me my desire first and foremost must be for his kingdom. As a result, I was drawn to organisations which have a strong emphasis on the unreached. However, I still felt so inadequate for the task; if I was going to do this G0d was going to have to equip me. In answer, he provided T!MO and I have spent the last year and a half, not nursing but English teaching and, more importantly, learning about and experiencing how to reach the lost and see his kingdom grow.’

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