‘What do you love the most?’ game

Divide the group up into two teams. Each team will take it in turn to answer. Each time it is a team’s turn, they must nominate one person to ‘sit out’. That person can’t particpate in the discussion but will need access to a pen and paper.

For each question, a different choice of four things/actions/ideas comes up on the screen. The team has to decide together what they think the person sitting out ‘loves the most’ (for example they must choose between bacon, grapefruit, bran flakes or scrambled eggs. If you’d like to use them, you can find some suggestions for questions here.

The person who is sitting out must write down their answer on a scrap of paper and keep it secret. When the team has given their final answer, the person who ‘sat out’ can reveal the answer they wrote on their piece of paper. 

For every question the team guesses correctly, they get one point. For every question they guess incorrectly, they lose a point. The winner is the team with the most points! 

Suggested questions – one must be chosen from these four options: 

  1. Favourite subject at school: RE, Maths, Chemistry, Personal/Social education 
  2. Favourite mode of transport: Helicopter, train, space hopper, skipping 
  3. Favourite piece of clothing: Socks, scarf, anorak, flip flops 
  4. Preferred food: Black eyed peas, mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus 
  5. Favourite country: Peru, Angola, Liechtenstein, Turkmenistan  
  6. Preferred chore: Vacuuming, washing up, taking out the rubbish, mopping the floor 
  7. At Christmas would you prefer: Brussel sprouts, mince pies, stuffing, bread sauce
  8. On holiday would you prefer to: Read, sunbathe, visit museums, play tennis 
  9. What’s better: Watching badminton, playing darts, reading the football results, sleeping through snooker on T.V. 
  10. Favourite app on your phone: Torch, weather app, app for identifying plants, calculator 
  11. Which couldn’t you do without: Twitter, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube 
  12. If you could miss a day of school which would be best: every Monday, any day that includes your least favourite class, the last week of term, any one exam day of your choice? 
  13. Do you prefer: Music, sport, art, shopping? 
  14. Do you prefer: Piano, guitar, violin, harmonica? 
  15. Do you prefer: Sleeping late, watching fantasy films, not doing chores, binging on chocolate biscuits? 
  16. What’s better: LazerQuest, bowling, cinema, a climbing wall? 
  17. Would you prefer: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Nandos? 
  18. What’s better: Puppy, kitten, bunny, chick? 
  19. What’s better: putting up the Christmas tree, preparing stockings, making Christmas cake, carolling? 
  20. Would you prefer a: Hot beach holiday, sports activity holiday, camping in the Lake District, Disneyworld Paris?