AIM Location: Uganda

80% of Uganda is engaged in agriculture. The healthy economy of the 1960s was crippled in 1972 by the expulsion of the Asian business community, and then virtually destroyed by tyranny and wars. It has steadily improved since 1992. Under previous government regimes there were restrictions on persecuted Christians, but there is now freedom of religion.

In 1918, as a group of AIM missionaries made their way to Congo from Kenya, they were held up in Uganda waiting for one of their members to recover from severe sickness. Whilst there the Church Mission Society (CMS) asked them to help feed those facing starvation during a famine that year as CMS had a shortage of personnel. Following this, the group was then asked to stay and help reach out to the people west of the Nile, where CMS were yet to share the love of Jesus.

So, AIM settled in Arua and baptised the first 26 new believers. Although the church in that area got off to a slow start, 40 years later, thousands had been baptised, hundreds of churches were in existence, and Ugandan Christians were being ordained as pastors in the West Nile area.

Now, in the 21st century, a 2002 census showed that approximately 80% of the country’s population said they were Christian. As a result, the work of AIM is directed towards encouraging believers to live their whole lives in a biblical way. We work together to share the love of God with those we come across and look to engage the unreached within Uganda, in neighbouring countries and throughout the world. Those who come to work with AIM in Uganda do so alongside Ugandans in many different situations, from youth work to hospital work, schools, hospitals, orphanages, businesses and farms.


Connect January – April 2021

‘Look up at the sky and count the stars…so shall your off-spring be’ (Genesis 15:5). Time and again in the long years that followed, Abraham would have been reminded every time he looked up at the night sky of this promise from God.


Make a Ugandan Rolex Breakfast Burrito

A Rolex is classic Ugandan street food, sold at roadside stalls across Kampala and other urban towns. Vendors shouting ‘rolled eggs’ often sounded like they were saying ‘Rolex’, and the name has stuck! Why make this tasty Ugandan street food for breakfast?


Design an edible bug!

In Uganda, grasshoppers are a delicacy in many communities, and are usually served boiled or deep fried. Insects are a really nutritious food. If you had to design a bug to eat, what would it look and taste like?


There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.