AIM Location: Indian Ocean Islands

These beautiful tropical islands are 99.9% Muslim and for security reasons we refer to this area as the Indian Ocean Islands rather than naming individual islands. Islam is deeply rooted on these islands and to be an islander is to be a Muslim. There are a small number of believers on each island but many follow Jesus secretly for fear of rejection and persecution.

Political instability and a lack of natural resources has left these islands underdeveloped, and all our teams serve islanders in areas such as education and medical work. The work is slow, but God is building his church here, and we wait in faith for the day when we see small groups of believers springing up across the islands, worshipping God in their own language, strong and unified, boldly speaking of the hope that they have to all around them!


He is enough

Elle* has recently started serving on the Indian Ocean Islands. She talks about what ministry there is like as a single woman.


Serving and following

Sent through Calvary Ministries Worldwide (Capro), West African francophone missionaries Albert and Janet have worked alongside the AIM team on the Indian Ocean Islands. Albert shares their story…


Directed by dreams

We have prayed and prayed for women on this Island. Now God is giving his followers courage through their dreams to share his gospel with other women. Would you pray with us that this would be the start of an inpouring of Island women into the kingdom?


Islands business team – marketing manager

Could you use your professional marketing skills to help start and run a tourism business on the Islands? This business will bless the community, as well as ensuring continued access in the country for workers to live and speak for Jesus among the unreached people living there.



I am working in a creative access location seeking to share the gospel with people who have never had it explained to them.


There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.