AIM Location: Creative Access

We use ‘Creative Access’ to refer to nations, areas or ministries where there is great hostility towards Christianity and where traditional ‘missionary work’ is not possible. Workers, therefore, need to be ‘creative’ in how they proclaim the liberating news of Jesus Christ. In North Africa alone, 200 million people from 472 unreached people groups are unreached with the gospel. That’s 200 million people unknowingly heading for a Christ-less eternity.

Workers use skills in many areas, including business, education and healthcare. Whatever you do for your ‘job’ at home, with a bit of modification you could probably do it in a creative access area.

Whatever role you have, the aim is to be as intentional as possible – to have the name of Jesus Christ on your lips at all times. Whether it is buying bread for breakfast, meeting with a client to discuss business, dropping off children at school, or drinking tea with a friend, the intention is to always be ready to share the truth of the gospel.

The lost need to hear the good news of Jesus. Is God working in your heart? Are you considering working in an area where Jesus isn’t known?



There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.