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Women's Ministry

“A woman’s work is never done” …especially in Africa. Working alongside African women and sharing God’s love with them brings its own unique challenges, but great rewards.

What is women’s ministry?

AIM’s ministry among African women can take many forms. Ranging from providing practical help and emotional support to vulnerable women, to delivering Bible teaching to pastors’ wives.

The position of women in many African societies means that girls often don’t receive the same education as boys. Sometimes they are married at a very young age. But in communities in conflict areas, women have lost husbands and sons, meaning that in some places women now make up a larger proportion of the population. This means women are having to take on leadership roles in all areas of society. As well as being proactive in providing care and aid, women are taking more active roles in churches and even in the political life of some African countries. For example, Rwanda has the highest percentage of women to men serving in the country’s Parliament.


It’s not just through leaderships roles though that women can have an important role in spreading the gospel. At the most basic day-to-day level, women have opportunities to spend time with other women in their community, talking and sharing. Christ-centred churches need Christ-centred women to be taking the good news to their friends and communities, discipling other women, who can then disciple other women.

Download a women’s ministry opportunity sheet

Have a missions event or missions board at your church? Why not download a women’s ministry opportunity sheet for others to find out more about serving in Africa.

How can I get involved?


Short Term

If you’re taking a year out, a career break, early retirement, or just simply wanting to offer up time to serve God, you can apply either as an individual or as a team of two or more for 3-12 months service. In that time, you can be part of important work in among African communities, demonstrating God’s love and care and directly support development initiatives.

Long Term


Twelve months to a lifetime… If God is calling you to use your women’s ministry skills among African people groups we would love to partner with you and your
church. In that time, you can be part of important work in among
African women, demonstrating God’s love and care and directly support development initiatives.

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