Histoires d'hommes et de femmes en Afrique

Découvrez comment Dieu travaille à travers la vie de gens ordinaires pour étendre son royaume. Lisez des récits d'africains et de missionnaires, envoyés du monde entier, qui cherchent à partager la bonne nouvelle avec ceux qui ne l'ont pas encore entendue.

It’s not about me

Statistically, female pilots make up about 7% of the mission workplace, aircraft mechanics only 2%. Female pilot/mechanic, there’s not even a statistic for that.

In his timing

Meet Margot Knight and Hannah Jackson, who are both planning to join a team in Likawage, Tanzania, towards the end of this year.

Open doors in Tanzania

Jon Eager gives us an update from Tanzania.

Opening our lives

Miriam and Owen Pugh are part of a team living among the Alagwa people in Tanzania. They are involved in an oral translation of the Bible into Alagwaisa, alongside community projects to improve access to water. Miriam shares with us the dynamics of being a woman in the Alagwa community, and what really matters when it comes to sharing the gospel.  

In every season

Queen Basupi has recently moved to Nairobi with her family, where her husband, Tshepang, leads the Southern Region office. She talks about the different roles she’s played on the mission field in different seasons.

Going back

For many missionaries, the call to the mission field involves crossing borders, cultures and languages. But Rosina Ferdinand’s story is a bit different. Now AIM’s country leader for Madagascar, she is a missionary living and working to share the gospel among her own people, the Sakalava, on the very island she grew up on. 

He calls her ‘Daughter’

Our history is marked by the actions of remarkable women, who at great cost to themselves have pursued God’s commands to take the gospel to those in Africa who have yet to hear it. 

Serving and following

Sent through Calvary Ministries Worldwide (Capro), West African francophone missionaries Albert and Janet have worked alongside the AIM team on the Indian Ocean Islands. Albert shares their story...

Directed by dreams

We have prayed and prayed for women on this Island. Now God is giving his followers courage through their dreams to share his gospel with other women. Would you pray with us that this would be the start of an inpouring of Island women into the kingdom?

Interest in Jesus

Paul tells us about some of the men who have studied at the English Centre and their reactions to reading the Bible.

There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.