Covid-19 update

Updated: 26 March 2021

Long and short term missionary prayer:

  • A number of our long term missionaries on the Indian Ocean Islands are recovering from Covid-19, however some are struggling with post-virus tiredness. Pray especially for Kay
  • A number of missionaries in Kenya have also got Covid-19. Pray for swift recovery and no long term effects. Pray for wise decision making for the leadership in Kenya as they respond to new restrictions announced on 26th March.
  • Give thanks that Rift Valley Academy managed to complete the spring term in person without any Covid-19 cases. Pray for students as they are reunited with family over the Easter break and for the logistics of a return to school afterwards. Continue to pray for protection.
  • Pray for missionaries who want to be able to return to the field/go to their first assignment, but who are waiting for their vaccinations in the UK before they can travel. Pray that vaccinations would happen in a timely manner and give thanks for the freedom and possibility of ministry that they offer.

Prayer for Africa:

For resources to help children pray for the current situation, click here.

The number of cases of Covid is rising in a number of African nations:

  • Pray for Madagascar – hospitals are full. With cooler weather expected pray that things won’t worsen. The president announced that as of 28 March, Mahajanga and Nosybe regions will be closed to visitors for 15 days. That means no flights in or out of Nosybe. Though there is no lockdown issued, the international borders throughout the country remain closed. Please continue to pray for the Lord to use this epidemic to draw people to himself.  Pray that people will take this virus seriously and do their part not to spread it to other people.
  • Pray for Kenya – President Uhuru Kenyatta has banned all inland travel in and out of five counties, including the capital Nairobi, to stop a surge of Covid-19 cases. He declared Nairobi, Kajiado, Kiambu, Machakos and Nakuru counties to be “disease-infested zones.” All in-person meetings in these counties have been banned. Pray for missionaries and church leaders and ministries are affected once again.
  • Please continue to pray for those serving as healthcare providers across the continent. There are simply not enough resources and equipment in Africa to deal with the size of outbreak that we have seen in Europe and the USA. Many healthcare providers have been on standby to provide an emergency response since March and the prolonged levels of stress are taking their toll.

Prayer for the AIM Europe office:

  • Give thanks that a number of staff have already been vaccinated, and that no one on the staff team has contracted Covid-19.
  • It has now been over a year since our Nottingham office was closed in line with government recommendations and all staff are continuing to work from home. Pray that as we consider future working arrangements that we will be open to God’s leading and look to best steward the resources that he has given us.
  • Please continue to pray for us as a team as we work out the best ways to fundraise during this time of economic crisis, and that we would keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as the supplier of our every need.

General prayer for the UK and all countries affected by the pandemic:

  • Pray for health workers who are caring for those with Covid-19. Pray for their protection from the virus, for stamina during long and intense work hours, and for safe protocols to be observed in healthcare institutions in order to keep them protected. Pray for health workers to seek the Lord during this crisis.
  • Pray for church leaders serving their churches and communities affected and infected by Covid-19. We pray that the Holy Spirit would give these shepherd-leaders the right words for the right time and the right actions for each situation. Pray they would speak the gospel in heart, word and deed to each person they minister to.
  • Pray for the body of Christ worldwide, that although church will look very different in many places, that churches would rise up to pray and to support the sick and their caregivers in practical and sacrificial ways. Pray for the church to be a light on a hill in hospitals, communities and cities where God has placed them. Pray for an outpouring of love, compassion and service, in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray for government officials and decision-makers who are leading countries and organisations through the crisis. We acknowledge that the Lord has allowed each one to be in a place of influence during this time. Pray they would mobilise resources quickly and effectively to where they are most needed. Pray for all those working behind the scenes and for the good administration and execution of response efforts worldwide.