Inland Mission


Updated: 31 July 2020

Prayer for Africa:

For resources to help children pray for the current situation, click here.

The BBC has created this tool to measure the spread of Covid-19 in Africa. This tool shows numbers per country, but please note that in some cities across Africa numbers are particularly high. Please pray particularly for Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar as well as other capital cities where there are high concentrations of people and numbers of cases are particularly high.

As you note the numbers in Africa, please pray that governments will make wise decisions. Pray for those who can’t afford, or don’t have access to, the facilities needed to limit the spread of infection. Social distancing measures are very difficult to enforce in crowded areas and many don’t have access to clean water for hand washing.

There is very little government help across the continent for the multitudes who suddenly have no earnings and have to somehow still feed their families. In some areas, Islamic extremists are taking advantage of the disruption to advance their agendas. Please pray that the virus would be stopped in its tracks and that local economies would be quickly restored. 

Pray for those serving as healthcare providers across the continent. There are simply not enough resources and equipment in Africa to deal with the size of outbreak that we have seen in Europe and the USA. Pray for protection and mercy.

Please pray for countries in East Africa currently battling two large-scale disasters simultaneously in the worst desert locust outbreak in decades and Covid-19. Together, the two crises pose significant risks to public health and wellbeing of populations in East Africa. Three countries most heavily impacted are Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Please pray for God’s mercy in this situation. To give directly to this crisis please contact Steve at and quote project IO-130.

Long and short term missionary prayer:

 Pray for missionaries as they look ahead to a longer period of uncertainty, for those who are in Africa and who are unable to easily leave, and for those who are in their home countries but wish to be Africa. Pray that they would know God’s comfort and nearness as they cope with changed plans, and for his wisdom as they continue to make decisions about future travel.

 Pray for churches across Africa, where virtual meetings often aren’t possible. Pray that Christians would hold firm to the faith and that the fear of the pandemic wouldn’t cause them to falter. Pray that they would offer certain hope to anxious communities.

Please particularly pray for our missionaries working in healthcare settings. Pray that Christian hospitals will be a beacon of light in a dark time. Pray that staff and institutions may clearly demonstrate the hope we have in this life and for eternity. Please pray particularly for the following (by clicking on their names you can read about their ministry):

 Pray that all our long term missionaries in Africa will know how best to serve and be a witness to their communities in the middle of the pandemic. Pray for them as they grapple with online connections especially in areas where internet signal is weak or intermittent.

 Rift Valley Academy is teaching the final term of this academic year online. Pray for teachers as they manage the technology to do this, and for children and parents as they deal with these changes too. Pray particularly for the young people losing their community, that they would know God’s upholding in these difficult times.

Please continue to pray for our short termers whose placements have been put on hold, as their plans for the coming months are changing radically and rapidly. Pray for us in the European office and Internationally to use this time wisely as we invest in improving the programme for the future. 

Our European Director wrote to each of our missionaries sending churches as we partner with them to best support those serving in Africa. You can read a transcript here.

Prayer for the AIM Europe office:

Of the five members of staff who agreed to be furloughed under the UK Government’s temporary Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, three have returned to work since the beginning of July in part-time capacities. The Leadership Team are continuing with a 20% pay cut. The decisions to furlough staff and for the Leadership Team to take the above pay cut have been taken now, to give us the best opportunity to sustain our activities and staffing levels in the future.

Over recent years the general fund, which sustains the work of the European mobilising office, has seen declining numbers of both donors and amounts given. As many of you know this led to difficult decisions last year with a number of staff being made redundant. We recognise that this pandemic will have a wide-ranging effect on many people’s lives and livelihoods. Please pray for us as a team as we work out the best ways to fundraise during this time of economic crisis, and that we would keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as the supplier of our every need.

 Give thanks that currently none of our UK members or staff are sick with Covid-19.

On Tuesday, 17th March, our Nottingham office was closed in line with government recommendations and all staff continue to work from home. We will be working to provide the best service that we can to both members and supporters but that might look slightly different as we adjust to remote working. Please pray for us as a staff team that we would remain united in Christ as our roles and responsibilities alter during the pandemic.

General prayer for the UK and all countries affected by the pandemic:

Pray for health workers who are caring for those with Covid-19. Pray for their protection from the virus, for stamina during long and intense work hours, and for safe protocols to be observed in healthcare institutions in order to keep them protected. Pray for health workers to seek the Lord during this crisis.

Pray for church leaders serving their churches and communities affected and infected by Covid-19. We pray that the Holy Spirit would give these shepherd-leaders the right words for the right time and the right actions for each situation. Pray they would speak the gospel in heart, word and deed to each person they minister to.

Pray for the body of Christ worldwide, that although church will look very different in many places, that churches would rise up to pray and to support the sick and their caregivers in practical and sacrificial ways. Pray for the church to be a light on a hill in hospitals, communities and cities where God has placed them. Pray for an outpouring of love, compassion and service, in Jesus’ name.

Pray for government officials and decision-makers who are leading countries and organisations through the crisis. We acknowledge that the Lord has allowed each one to be in a place of influence during this time. Pray they would mobilise resources quickly and effectively to where they are most needed. Pray for all those working behind the scenes and for the good administration and execution of response efforts worldwide.

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