Eglise de développement

How can I get involved?


Short Term

If you’re taking a year out, a career break, early retirement, or just simply wanting to offer up time to serve God, you can apply either as an individual or as a team of two or more for 3-12 months service. In that time, you can be part of important work in discipleship, in supporting church leaders and in learning together with Africans as to how the church can be a light to the nations.



Long Term

Twelve months to a lifetime… If God is calling you to use your skills of discipleship, theological education, youth work skills or church development knowledge in Africa we would love to partner with you and your church. You could join as part of a team, including our TIMO programme and be part of pioneer ministry amongst the unreached, or work to support the existing African church in their missions.

Get in touch:

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