A new movement in Lesotho

Neo Moeti was brought up in a Christian household. After graduating from university, full time mission work was not on her mind. That was until one Sunday, when she was challenged by God, through a friend, to step out of her comfort zone. In September 2019 she joined a short term Harvest Team trip to a town on the northern Mozambique coast, a predominantly Islamic region.   

I think that for me one of the biggest things that happened in terms of my faith and my relationship with God was how Scripture came alive, particularly where it talks about the harvest being plentiful but the labourers being few. It was moving and heart breaking, especially when we came to leave, because we saw such great need. It definitely stirred up the desire in my heart to keep praying for more labourers and to continue to intercede for more unreached people groups. I think it is easy to ignore these things, but there are so many people who need to experience the love of God. The only way that will happen is if we go to them. 

We encountered challenges along the way, including language and cultural differences, but we also witnessed God working in amazing ways as we worked alongside the missionaries based there. 

Ultimately, we know that God provides for us according to his riches in glory and that  nothing is impossible for him.

When I returned, I shared my story with the church and my mobiliser, August Basson, recommended other opportunities within AIM. I explored them prayerfully and now I am partnering with my church as I prepare to serve. 

My friends and family have all been supportive and have continued to pray for me throughout my journey. However, I sense that there is a lot of fear and misunderstanding around mission because this is not the norm in Lesotho. I am very grateful to the Pastor Francis Fiahenoo of Maseru United Church, a proud Ghanaian, who comes from a context that is very passionate about Africans fulfilling the Great Commission. His enthusiasm has encouraged the congregation to commit themselves financially to this mandate.  

I have recently come across more Basotho and other African youth who have a strong call to mission upon their lives but are faced with the huge challenge of raising support. Many feel hopeless and alone. My prayer is for God’s provision, patience, peace that surpasses all understanding, wisdom, joy in obedience and strength. Ultimately, we know that God provides for us according to his riches in glory and that  nothing is impossible for him. 

Following my experience on the Harvest Team, I’ve been granted a new opportunity to work as an Administrator in Kenya in the AIM Southern Region office. This is an exciting way for me to learn about what happens behind the scenes and also to share the skills that I’ve gathered over the years for the extension of God’s kingdom. 

Neo is currently doing a ‘virtual support raising’ training course coordinated by AIM’s Cape Town office which is furthering her understanding of what it means to respond to God’s call. We are praying that travel restrictions will be lifted to enable her to go to Kenya to take up her role in the Southern Region Office. Pray for God to raise up a new generation of African missionaries in Lesotho, and that AIM will be able to support and encourage them as they follow God’s calling on their lives. 

Neo Moeti

Neo Moeti

Neo joined an AIM short term Harvest Team trip to a town on the northern Mozambique coast in 2019. She now works in the Southern Region office.
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