AIM Location : Mozambique

Since independence from Portugal in 1975 Mozambique was battered by civil war, economic woes and famine. Since peace in 1992 though, the country has developed one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Many are still unreached with the gospel and 17% of the country practice Islam.

In 1975 AIM’s first attempts to begin ministry in Mozambique were thwarted. All entry was forbidden by a regime claiming to be ‘the first truly Marxist government in Africa.’ In 1985 AIM eventually entered Mozambique to find that through the war and communist years the gospel had been quietly spread by Mozambican evangelists. AIM’s work therefore supported their efforts, with AIM mission partners seeking to support the local church and to share Bible training with local pastors.

AIM’s work in Mozambique remains the same today. The vision is to support local believers in evangelism, discipleship and in training Church leaders to grow God’s kingdom in Mozambique.


Transformed lives

Thabiso Matsoso was part of the Growing Nations student programme from 2013-2014. He is now using Farming God’s Way as he serves in Mozambique. 



I work with local churches in Chimoio, Mozambique, to make disciples who will in turn make disciples.


There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.