Unreached People: Didinga

The Didinga live in the Didinga hills of South Sudan, in the valleys, on the plateaus and slopes, and on the adjacent plains of the region. They are primarily focused on raising cattle but they also farm, with the area having sufficient rainfall to grow two crops per year. They live in homesteads based on their clan; in round houses with cone-shaped roofs. They also enjoy making music and various crafts. Although there is a Didinga chief, decisions are made by the community, and younger people have the right to question the elder.


Into the Didinga hills

Our vision is to see Christ-centred churches across South Sudan; mature churches that are passionate about mission, reaching out to people groups like those in the Didinga hills who have yet to hear the gospel.


There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.