Stories of Africa’s people

Discover how God is working through the lives of ordinary people to extend his kingdom. Read stories from Africa's people and missionaries, sent from around the world, as they seek to share the good news with those who have yet to hear it.

The call to CAN healthcare

Graham & Fiona (Not their real names) talk about why they felt God calling them to health care in a Creative Access Nation (CAN)...

Growing Nations

Redeeming people's relationship with nature is literally transforming the landscape in Africa.

Build something beautiful

AIM partners with the local church in Africa to disciple believers so that they can glorify God in their lives, reaching out to others with the truth.

Move against the fear

Many of the nations in AIM’s Central Region are spiritually dark places. It’s a challenge and a hard calling but we’re called to move against fear. Can we afford to wait for things to become easier before we act?

Standing on sound teaching

Tim and Beth Wood tell how the gospel is growing in Faith of the Apostles Church of Mozambique...

What should I say?

Laurie* talks about the surprising discussions she has had about religion in a closed country.

You look just like Jesus

Short-termer Jonny Evans wanted to live his life for Christ in a CAN but never expected to be compared to Jesus in this way

Remembering ‘Linsi’

Dr Steve Lee, who served at Kapsowar Hospital, looks back at Dr Lindsay’s service with AIM and the lasting impact of his work.

There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.