Bringing light to Kondoa

Could you be a part of seeing unreached people groups who live in Kondoa town come to faith in Christ and become disciples who make disciples?

We’re looking for people to join a Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) team, reaching out with the saving news of Jesus Christ to win disciples from among the unreached people groups of Kondoa. We want people who will be involved in equipping and mobilising local believers and churches in Kondoa to do the same.

Location: Kondoa, Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the world’s poorest nations; agricultural subsistence dominates its economy. Health and education sectors require massive investments.There is freedom of religion; all major faiths have the ability to share and propagate their faith. Christianity makes up 54% of the population with Islam totalling 31%.

What will the TIMO team focus on?

1) Lifestyle and proclamation evangelism and discipleship through relationships with unreached people groups.

2) Partner with and mobilise local believers and local churches in outreach, evangelism, and discipleship of local unreached people groups.

3) Learning to communicate in Kiswahili.

4) Encouraging new believers to join already existing congregations or start their own home Bible study groups.

5) Striving to work together with multiple denominations, without showing favouritism to any one in particular.

6) Going as learners, taking part in training and ministry concurrently.

The team will be a joint AIM / Africa Inland Church of Tanzania (AICT) team with team members coming from AIM & AICT. As the team is proposing to work with local churches the aim would not be to plant an AICT church in Kondoa, but rather to work in partnership with existing local churches.

Team members will be expected to live spread out among different neighbourhoods in Kondoa, living in housing which is of a comparable standard to their neighbours. This will open opportunities to be a witness in both word and deed through the building of relationships with neighbours and sharing in the life of a community.

The team will work through the TIMO curriculum while doing ministry over the course of two and a half years. The team will meet together weekly for the purpose of prayer, worship, mutual encouragement, fellowship, planning, and working through the TIMO curriculum. Prayer will be a foundational part of team life, both individual and corporate prayer. Team members will be encouraged to attend various local churches for Sunday worship, spreading out among different churches to avoid the appearance of favouritism among the denominations.

With the view towards mobilisation, we will strive to include believers from the different local churches to join in and partner with the team in various ministry platforms. Ministry will be done in partnership, and strive to be inclusive of any denomination who wishes to participate.

What skills do team members need?

There will be flexibility for the team to decide on specific areas of ministry after they have settled into living life and building relationships in Kondoa. Possible ministry platforms could include:

* Farming or agricultural work. Many people tend to have small plots close to their homes and then larger farms outside the town.

* Teaching in a local school.

* Sports ministries. Football is extremely popular. Volleyball or other sports could also work well.

* Teaching English as a Second Language.

* Medical work in a local clinic.

* Water and irrigation projects.

* IT training.

* Youth ministry.

* Prison ministry.

* Interdenominational theological education.

* Some form of musical ministry could also be a possibility. Music plays an important part in the worship in the local churches. The Catholic church also runs an annual inter-church choir competition which is well attended and attracts Muslim spectators as well as Christians.

Start date:

The team will begin in July 2020 and end in December 2022.

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