Could you use your healthcare skills in North Africa?

Calming storms

Imagine you’re out in a small boat on a huge lake when a storm hits. The waves are crashing and rolling, the boat is filling with water. You think you’re going to die, so you cry out to God. For many living in creative access areas, the response they’d expect to hear is, “Work harder at emptying the water from the boat. Do more.” If you can’t, you die, but they would have to fatalistically accept that as being what God had willed for them.

Mark 4:35-41 illustrates that we serve a God who calms the storm. For people to attend a hospital in these locations, the storms in their lives have reached breaking point. They have struggled, but they can’t go on. Could you serve as a healthcare professional in a hospital where people are desperate, not only for medical help, but to meet a God who cares enough to save them? We’re currently looking for nurses, physicians in all disciplines, and surgeons.


Could you minister to the physical needs of patients in a resource-limited context? Tasks depend on the specialty and the choice of whether to emphasise clinical medicine, research, or teaching in the medical/nursing schools. Typically nurses work 3-5 days a week in a supervisory role alongside local, junior nurses and other staff. It is never our goal to work alone but to always think in terms of capacity building.

All specialties welcome. Nurses need to be willing to work outside their disciplines and often below their preferred level of expertise and experience. NICU (Neonatology) would be particularly helpful.


Physicians in all disciplines are valued highly by the community we are serving in North Africa. That is both in terms of clinical medicine as well as both classroom and bedside teaching. This value not only provides a strong identity over the long term, but also provides opportunities to build relationships and proclaim the gospel. In other words, we believe in the doctor’s responsibility to strive to alleviate suffering, especially the eternal kind. Therefore, we see a physician’s work in our location being a both/and in terms of word and deed where one’s work identity and testimony are seamless; where the message is proclaimed through the work of medicine and creative speech.


The government requires all foreign doctors to be ‘specialists’ which practically means that they have had post-graduate training beyond internship. They also require 5 years experience beyond medical school. Fields that would be very welcome would include General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Trauma Surgery, Plastics, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and subspecialties, Paediatrics and subspecialties, Ob/Gyn, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Emergency Medicine, and many others. Tropical medicine training and experience as well as public health training and experience would be desirable.

These jobs are not to be considered as merely a ‘platform’ or an excuse to get a visa. Whatever job a worker does, he/she needs to do it honestly and proficiently, and use it to serve the community. However, the job is not an end in itself or a sufficient witness. We will seek occasions, on or off the job, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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