Mission Essentials Bible Study – leader’s guide

Welcome to Mission Essentials! This set of four Bible studies has been designed to help your church discover God’s grand saving plan for his world. In the first study we take a step back and consider the jaw-dropping nature of God’s Lordship and glory. We will see that, ultimately, the mission of the church is to proclaim God’s glory to the whole world. While God is glorious, he’s also loving; in the second study we will be amazed by God’s love for the nations which is demonstrated time and again throughout the Bible (and finally in the person of Jesus Christ). In the third and fourth studies we move from considering God’s character and turn to think about what this means for us, his followers. The first characteristic of a disciple of Jesus, considered in the third study, is sharing his love with others. In the final study, we will be challenged with Jesus’ example of sacrifice and will see that we too need to be ready to sacrifice our all for our Saviour. 

You can download questions for participants here.

In our ever-changing world it is not always possible for small groups to physically meet together. Thankfully technology has enabled us to continue meeting to study God’s Word even if we are far apart. Mission Essentials has been designed to facilitate your group to study God’s Word whether they are physically together or not. If you would like to use this material via Zoom or another app, please download the Virtual Mission Essentials study here. Please go through the virtual presentation and use the slides that help you – feel free delete the rest. We suggest that once you have started your Zoom meeting you share your screen with the group in which you have already set up the Virtual Mission Essentials presentation. Space has been left on the right-hand side of the presentation for the video feed of your Zoom participants. At the start of the study you might want to check with your group participants that they are all comfortable with using Zoom and are able to enlarge or shrink the participant photos to fit the available space. 

We hope that these studies will encourage you and your small group to follow harder after Jesus – and to help you to find your place in God’s grand saving plan for the whole world. 



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