May 19, 2017

Verena Schafroth

I will be moving to Lichinga in August to help establish a new Bible school there from 2018 onwards. With this already in mind, I participated in a workshop on ‘transformational curriculum design for Bible schools’ in Nairobi… I sat together with 40 other participants from various Bible schools in Africa and reflected on [the challenges of teaching in a way that is contextually relevant, Spirit-filled and understandable]. We all came to the conclusion that being contextual means being close to the local church and involving them in the plans of the school. Putting this into praxis now means that we will be creating a survey in Lichinga, which will be given to the church leaders to find out what their teaching needs are, where they are struggling, and how we can best serve them in a Bible school.” Please pray that this survey will be effective in helping Lichinga Bible school serve its students well and train them well for their ministry.

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