October 16, 2015

Verena Schafroth

“At the moment, my time seems to be filled with meeting lots of new people, practising my Portuguese, and getting to know the town of Pemba with all its alleyways in which you can get lost very quickly – I am speaking from experience. Since everything is still so new, I get tired quite quickly and fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow at night (and sometimes even before that!). From now on, I will be at the bible school regularly to get to know the staff and students better and improve my Portuguese further. The Colégio Teológico de Pemba, or CTP, only offers night-classes, since most of the students have to work during the day to earn their living. I am so impressed by the many students who come to the college in the evening after a full day of work to get to know God better and learn more about His word. I feel honoured and privileged to become part of this ministry.”

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