November 3, 2017

Tony & Cath Swanson

“This week IBM Bible teachers Steve Lancaster and Rev Yohana Batano are in Iringa, teaching at the last of this year’s regional pastors’ seminars. Pastors, evangelists and their wives from as far as away as Songea in the far south west of Tanzania will gather together to receive teaching entitled “Show Me a Leader with Moral Integrity”. In these days when world leaders often leave a lot to be desired, the Church has the opportunity to model godly leadership—but sadly this doesn’t always happen. So this teaching is crucial for the ministers of the AICT. Pastor Seseja who attended the seminar in Magambua in August commented, “I have woken up in my heart to things I need to deal with and think more about.” Pray that God will enable Pastor Seseja and each one who receives this teaching to grow in their knowledge and practice of leadership that is characterized by integrity and godliness.”

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