October 4, 2019

Tony & Cath Swanson

Tony & Cath have recently moved to continue their ministry in Entebbe, Uganda. “We have been attending All Saints’ Chapel, an Anglican church down the road, which is connected to a Pastors’ Training Centre- not dissimilar to Sanga (but thankfully, already built!)… The nature of Tony’s role in mobilizing the African Church to cross cultural mission is networking and connecting potential African missionaries to locations and teams. All kinds of wonderful things happen when you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It was a great surprise to find that Sam, a key Ugandan mobiliser, attends All Saints’ Chapel too… Cath is thoroughly enjoying the new headspace there is here to get stuck into some of the big picture projects- like policy development, new training and strategy. On the other hand, she is now itching to get plugged into hands-on work to contribute and participate with our local community in some way- hopefully belonging in church will foster these connections.”

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