August 12, 2016

Tim & Bronwen Heaton

Tim & Bronwen are coming to the end of their Home Assignment, having led an Outreach team among the Mwani people in northern Mozambique. Tim will start working as one of our Area Mobilisers in September. “Our time in Suffolk has come to a close and there was yet another emotional week at school as we said goodbye once again. Boxes, suitcases and furniture were piled up but this time we were not getting on a plane but moving to a rented house in Chippenham in Wiltshire… We chose Chippenham as a good base for Tim’s new role with AIM as regional coordinator, for which he will need to do a fair bit of travel across the south of the country. Tim already has several appointments lined up to meet with missionaries returning from the field and at Christian Unions where he will present the challenge to students to take the gospel to the unreached peoples of Africa. Can you believe that in the 21st Century there are still over 1,200 different people groups in Africa that have no viable church and no one communicating the gospel to them! Many of these are in places difficult to access but that doesn’t make the need any less urgent.  AIM has set a new Vision 2020 to engage and reach such groups. Pray with us that God would mobilise an army of workers both Western and African to take his love and truth to these people.

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