December 22, 2017


“Please do continue to pray for Bart* and his wife Marie*. Recently, we were able to openly and clearly restate their need to choose Jesus, and Bart agreed to listen to some of the Bible stories again. It was encouraging to see this open door; even if it was only open a crack… We also discovered that their eldest son, who they kept saying they needed to ask for his opinion about whether to follow Jesus, is actually a witchdoctor. This helps explain why this too has just been a stronghold and barrier to them coming to faith. I know we have asked many, many times for you all to pray for this precious couple, but please let us keep pushing through in prayer. Bart is now so weak that if he wants to sit outside, he needs to be carried. His feet are often swollen, and he can only eat a little. Please pray that even now, in the 11th hour, they will be free to fall into their Saviour’s arms…We are also praying for the Christmas Day joint service…Please pray for all our neighbours and friends that they will come and be changed by God’s word and presence. Please pray too for the Christians who will attend. Please pray that God will set their hearts on fire to share God’s love with those around them.”

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