August 18, 2017

Steve & Ruth Lancaster

Steve has recently been teaching a number of pastors’ conferences on the subject of ‘Integrity’. After the latest conference, Steve wrote, “The one thing that did stand out for me personally was how tough the first day was. I taught three sessions but it felt as though I was wading through treacle for much of it! I was aware of a lack of inner enthusiasm; the ummpphh was missing, and I stepped away from my homemade lectern a bit dejected. Was it simply an off day, or was cultural fatigue showing through? It could indeed be a bit of both, but my team leader Tony helpfully reminded me that what we’re doing at IBM and the subject that we’re teaching is bound to rattle the cage of Satan. He is very much opposed to seeing teaching on integrity in the Church and, as we know, he comes to steal, disrupt and discourage us in our work. Thankfully, days 2 and 3 went much better. The ummpphh was back and I felt that I was more expressive in my Swahili teaching than I had been before!” Please pray for Steve as he continues to teach at IBM conferences on the subject of Biblical leadership.

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