May 12, 2017

Steve & Ruth Lancaster

Steve writes: “It’s the time of the year when the IBM conference season is about to begin… Our subject this year is ‘Show me a leader with moral integrity’, based on a book by a Tanzanian bishop. Amongst the things we’ll be focussing on are the following topics: a mini-study of biblical leaders with integrity; the qualities of a leader with integrity; the example of Jesus; servant leadership; compassion in leadership; obedient leadership; and how we deal with temptations and conflict in the ministry. With several recent negative reports concerning church leadership here in Tanzania, and with various church leadership elections around the corner, there’s a feeling that this is exactly the right topic for this year… Please pray that God would move in the lives of the pastors and evangelists, and that he would enable me to teach well, in Swahili that is beyond my natural ability!”

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