August 14, 2015

Simon & Sue French

“As sometimes happens a number of unexpected things happened as we prepared to leave. Werandumi, one of the bush evangelists who we work with, has for some time suffered from epilepsy. Recently he had a seizure while he was in the kitchen at home and fell onto the cooking fire, badly burning the lower part of his left leg. Simon visited him in a local hospital a few days later and was concerned about the injury so arranged to take him to Arusha to be assessed by a surgeon. Surgeons confirmed the burn was third degree and there was a risk he may lose his leg from the knee down. After a few days of treatment the doctors decided to see if a skin graft operation was possible, although it was necessary to amputate two toes. Werandumi is currently in hospital while his leg heals enough for a skin graft to be performed. Local believers in our area and Christians in Arusha have contributed generously towards the cost of his treatment. However more funds will be needed before a skin graft operation can be performed.”

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