August 19, 2016

Simon and Sue French (Hannah and Jasmine)

Simon and Sue returned to Tanzania in April after a period of home assignment. Their daughter Jasmine is with them and attends The Rift Valley Academy: an AIM-run school for missionary children. She writes the following: “On the 21st of April this year Mum, Dad and I once again stepped on to a plane headed to Kenya… I was eager to get back to school to see friends who I had been missing for 9 months and to get back to the sights and smells of Africa. There was however a shadow hanging over me, in the weeks leading up to our departure there had been many goodbyes….including a very difficult goodbye to my sister, Hannah. It felt very strange leaving her in the UK as we have always travelled together and the thought of being at school without her was rather unnerving as she had always watched out for me in the past”. She later writes: “Being there (back at Rift Valley Academy) reminded me again how privileged and blessed I am to attend a school like RVA. At the end of August I will return to RVA (after the summer holidays) to begin my ‘Junior year,’ this will be my second to last year at RVA. It will bring new academic challenges and some exciting opportunities such as mentoring a small group of year 8 girls and joining a team of peers leading weekly student outreaches into the local community. Thank you for your love and prayers.”

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