February 16, 2018

Simon & Sue French

“When the Lake Eyasi pastorate leadership met in October to discuss the Christmas plans an invitation was made by the Mohedagew evangelist to come to his church for the 3 day celebration…The local Evangelist also planned the celebration to be a witness to the community – having one of the three services outside the church building during which a number of neighbours came to see what was going on; as a result they heard the Word of God shared by the local Karatu Evangelist, with a translation into the Datooga language…On December 25th the small church was full with both visitors & local people. At the end of the service, again translated into Datooga, a small number of people came forward expressing a desire to know more. Last Week we met with the Evangelist and he confirmed that some of the group have regularly been coming to church, still committed to seeking Jesus. This ‘fruit’ is the work of God, a result of prayer & the labour of those sharing God’s story in this community for many years. May we pray these verses for the work at Mohedagew – Colossians 1: 10 &11.”

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