August 4, 2017

Simon & Sue French

Simon is currently working on a project to translate Bible stories into Datooga: “Once recorded, the stories are first checked for Biblical accuracy. Then a group of Datooga people, which includes both Christians and non-believers, check that they will be understood culturally… Simon and Evangelist Gabriel have now finished crafting the Old Testament stories which they had selected, and they are now ready to start on the New Testament. In some ways this will be easier as there is a Datooga New Testament translation available, and this helps with vocabulary. In other ways, this will be harder, as some of the New Testament concepts and teaching are hard to translate into the Datooga language and culture. To help overcome some of these challenges, Simon and Gabriel would like to increase the translation team by at least one person. Please pray that God will lead us to a godly Datooga person with the appropriate language skills and commitment to the project.”

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