December 2, 2016

Simon & Sue French

The work [on Bible story crafting in Datooga] is progressing well with a number of stories now crafted, and been listened to by a young Datooga seeker of the Gospel. His input has been very useful. He has helped us to understand that if a story is too long some of the key points and ideas are not remembered. We have therefore edited the length of a few stories. We now have a number ready for ‘testing’ which we plan to do using the help of some Datooga believers to see if the words/phrases are understandable in the local language and also that each story conveys it’s message in a clear way. The ‘testing’ will be carried out by a small group who will meet for a few days in Karatu in January to critically listen to each story and make their suggestions. We have been using a laptop computer to adjust the stories that have already been recorded on a smart phone.” Thank God for the progress on the Bible storying project and please pray that the testing of the stories prepared so far will be helpful.

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