December 11, 2015

Simon & Sue French

“Hannah [their eldest daughter] would to thank you for your prayers for her as she settled in to University life in Bangor, North Wales. We have yet to see her in person since she started but we have enjoyed hearing from her via phone and Skype. Judging from these calls it appears she is enjoying student life. Looking ahead to the New Year and our plans – many will know that our intended date of return to East Africa of early January 2016 has been delayed – primarily because Simon is still being reviewed regarding his ongoing heart issues. Although continuing to feel okay by taking medication, and following the recommendation of the cardiologist he sees in Nairobi, Simon saw a cardiologist in the UK in October regarding the possibility of having some treatment not currently available in East Africa. He has had further tests, the results of which will not be known until the end of December. Given that these results may lead to Simon having further treatment in the UK we decided to postpone our return to Africa- date to be finalized, but likely around April.”

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