December 21, 2018

Simon & Sue French

Simon & Sue are currently on Home Assignment. After Home Assignment, Simon will move into a new role as Unit Leader for Diaspora UK. “As we move into 2019 we will be entering a further period of change. Having worked in ministry together for the last 14 years, Simon and Sue will be working separately. From January Sue will be leaving AIM and seeking local part-time employment. Simon has been researching possible work among the African Diaspora living in the UK and from January that is what he will be doing, working with AIM both in a local Diaspora ministry and helping develop and expand AIM’s Diaspora ministry elsewhere in the UK… About half of Simon’s time will involve ministry in and close to the Croydon area. The other half of his time will be spent looking for opportunities for Diaspora ministries that can be developed elsewhere in the UK. Included in the position is a leadership and mentoring role, serving other AIM members who work in Diaspora ministry in the UK… Please pray for Sue as she seeks employment, and for guidance for Simon as he starts his new role.”

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