July 13, 2018

Simon & Sue French

“Our final Sunday in Tanzania was spent worshipping alongside believers from the churches in the pastorate who came together in the new church building in Endamaghay. It was a lovely time together and each of the churches shared with us their goodbyes. We give thanks that the new brick built church building is completed at Barazani. We were also able to complete some repair work on the exterior walls of the Evangelist’s small house which will extend the life of the property. Due to a recent donation we were able to assist the Evangelist at Jobaji to purchase grasses for thatching the roof of his new traditionally built house. For the family this is such a blessings as they have now been able to extend their home from 1 to 4 rooms. The Bible storying project has been completed to the stage where a complete set of stories from Creation to the Resurrection and Ascension have been recorded. The stories have been distributed to 8 individuals to share in a total of 6 villages via small local radios that use a memory card. Evangelist Gabriel is now leading the project. Another young Datooga believer who is computer literate is also assisting in the project which we are excited about…Please pray for our Tanzanian colleagues as they continue to minister.”

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