February 19, 2016

Simon & Leanne Foulkes

It is rainy season here. This brings a number of challenges.  Roads are subsiding in places and dangerous potholes appear overnight.  It’s no fun driving and in places it’s no fun walking either – dry, dusty ground has been transformed into the type of mud that can suck the shoes right off your feet. These are minor inconveniences though. When the wind accompanied the rain last week the problems became major. During the night, the tin roof was ripped right off of our neighbour’s house, exposing the family with terrified children to the elements. The roof was back in place within hours the next morning, but mattresses and clothing took a long time to dry out. Their teenage daughter, who is a friend of our daughters, stayed the week with us. It was quite the talking point at school that the ‘foreigners’ would actually house a local. It is our prayer that this would lead to praise for our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).” Please pray that the Foulkes family’s love for others would be a great witness to those around them.

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