July 24, 2015

Simon & Leanne Foulkes

“We thank you all so much for your prayers as we have been through the transitions of Marseille, England, South Africa and Mayotte! We have been here just over three weeks and thank the Lord for a safe arrival and excellent health for us all… In the process we are being reminded that we much wait with patience… Yesterday we were to meet our landlady’s daughter at the house in Sada at 9am. By 9.30 we were wondering if we had the wrong day or time but we agreed to wait until 9:45 before leaving. At 9:40, three ladies from the Youth Centre in Sada passed by and asked if our girls would be interested in signing up for the summer activities. There are some wonderful activities and it will give them the opportunity to meet kids from the village. By the time we had finished with these ladies, the landlady’s daughter appeared, hugely apologetic for having overslept. And so we felt the Lord really smile on us, for it we had become impatient and left, we would have missed both her and the ladies from the Youth Centre.”

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