May 24, 2019

Simon & Leanne Foulkes

Simon now works at Highfields Church, but Leanne still serves in Diaspora ministry with AIM: “International women and toddlers abound in Cardiff. Many of these ladies know a bit of English but none of them can read, write or speak it proficiently. The Bay Church noticed this need and started Friends, a group that combines an English class for women followed by a Bible story & song time, refreshments and an activity. The Bay Church ladies have prayerfully cultivated an ethos that transcends the various cultures [represented in the group]. Earlier this year, the team learned that we needed to find a new location. We prayed and God answered providing the use of rooms in the local Science Centre. Please pray that the ladies and toddlers will continue to come to the new location, and that ladies and their families will seek and find Jesus as their Saviour.”

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