October 12, 2018

Simon & Leanne Foulkes

Leanne writes: “Over the past year, we together with you have asked God to direct us to the activities of His choosing. One answer to these prayers is an opportunity to be among international ladies and their toddlers. The morning includes a short English lesson for the ladies, a Bible story and song time, a snack and a game or craft. It’s a wonderful setting for ladies from various ethnic and religious backgrounds to mix and mingle. This is where I met Anna (not real name). She and several ladies from the same country often sit together and chat in Arabic… Anna recently returned from visiting family in her home country. On her first morning back, I was greeted with the customary cheek-to-cheek greeting and was given a bracelet. She called it a friendship bracelet. Indeed, I am blessed to have her as my friend! Please join me in praying that she, her family and friends will not only be my friend but also meet our Friend Jesus.”

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