February 2, 2018

Simon & Leanne Foulkes

“As the capital of Wales and home to various universities, Cardiff is clearly a crossroads of sorts. We are enjoying the international quality of this city and the ministry opportunities this provides. Soon after moving to Cardiff, we learned that Women’s English classes at 2 churches needed helpers for their crèche (ages 0-3). These classes are attended by 50-100 ladies from places like N. Sudan, the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Pakistan, Ghana, China, Japan, etc. We agreed to help knowing that crèche is an integral part of these ministries. In December, we were also asked to help in the crèche at a 3rd church location and at a Bible study for immigrant inquirers. Join us in praying that these women will not only learn English but will also come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. We are also enjoying the International Student Ministries at Highfields Church. The Friday night Globe Cafe offers a place for international university students to fellowship through games, discussions and refreshments. Two weeks ago one of the students asked us, “Do you believe that God controls everything or that people have a choice in what to believe?” What a great question!”

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