August 7, 2020

Simon French

Simon is AIM’s Diaspora UK Unit Leader, developing opportunities for AIM members to share the gospel among Africa Diaspora in the UK. “When the Covid-19 pandemic started I realised I was going to be working from home more, at least initially. So I enrolled on an online Teaching English as a Foreign Language course. The course, which I will complete in a few weeks’ time, has been interesting and I am already seeing benefits as I help refugees improve their English. I am currently meeting one-to-one with three individuals one or two times a week. The lessons are being done outside (usually in a park). While this type of setting is not ideal, meeting one-to-one is giving me the opportunity to get to know the students and have discussions with them that would be difficult in group settings.” Please pray for the three men that Simon is currently teaching English and that Simon will be able to share the good news of Jesus with them too.

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