March 27, 2020

Simon French

Simon is AIM’s Diaspora UK Unit Leader, developing opportunities for AIM members to share the gospel among Africa Diaspora in the UK. “The voluntary initiatives among the local refugee community which I am usually involved with are either ceasing to operate at present or are severely curtailed. That said, people are still communicating with each other by e-mail and WhatsApp and ways are being found to help some of those in real need. I am staying in touch with several families who I have been assisting, a couple of whom have recently contacted me to see if there was any way they could help our family at this time. Please pray for refugees and asylum seekers who have recently been allocated housing. They face the challenge of setting up a home while on a limited income at a time when some shelves are bare in the shops. The Refugee Day Centre are arranging food parcels (with food for two days for a family of four) for some of the local refugees who are soon to be re-housed away from the local area.”

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