September 27, 2019

Short Term

Julia King is a short term missionary serving in teaching at Wellspring Academy, Chad. “This month, God has been challenging me about where I find and seek my strength… Letting go and allowing God to take control can be a scary concept. However, here, in this new place where I feel so underqualified and lacking, I have found that I have never been lacking in strength. Even when I have made mistakes, I have felt held by God. I have experienced peace in my mistakes and have recognised God at work, even in those moments where I don’t know what to do or say… What if I was willing to open my eyes to my weakness and, instead of panicking that I might not be enough, accept that I am nothing without Him and rest on His mercy and grace? How different my life would look! How much stronger I would be for recognising (and accepting) my own weakness. How much more God would be glorified… God is still speaking into my life in powerful ways. Thank God for his faithfulness and persistence in this. I know there is still much to learn, but I thank him for his patience with me. Please pray that God would continue to teach and grow me in his ways and his time, and that I would be listening and obeying when he does.”

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