April 9, 2020

Short Term

Phil Benson was a Short Term missionary serving in Duakana, Kenya among the Gabbra, but has had to return to the UK early because of the Covid-19 pandemic. “…I received an email from Africa Inland Mission offices in the UK advising me to return home. Their main concern was travel restrictions coming into force with little warning, potentially leaving me stranded. This and the issue of healthcare provision in a remote area… Disappointing as the news was, all schools were due to close that week anyway, along with courts and open-air trade. The country was – just like at home – starting to shut down. Even if I had stayed, I wouldn’t have been teaching. For Eddie and Rachel [Andersen] and the team still there, the ministry will need to be cut down and rethought in the coming weeks. Outreaches, bible studies, well-drilling, and the car workshop is almost all face-to-face work, so will be affected by regulations. As for the Africa Inland Church, they will not meet for the time being but are thankful they can broadcast services on local radio instead. Please pray for the Andersen family and ministry team in Dukana as they reach out to the community amid increasing regulations. Please pray that Government measures will be successful in containing the spread of the virus, keeping people in the poorest regions of Kenya safe.”

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