May 1, 2020

Short Term

Kerry Laffey is a short term missionary serving as a teacher at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya. “Our students were evacuated about eight weeks ago, and all are with their families all over Africa (and the world)… Following that, AIM called short-term missionaries back to their sending countries, which means I am now back in the UK… RVA leadership have made the decision to take the whole of Term 3 online, from Titchie right up to the seniors. This means I am still teaching my 5th Grade class right up to the middle of July. This is new to all of us, but we are thankful for the skill and knowledge of individuals who have guided us through how to prepare material for our kids to access online. The staff team is spread across the world, and it is a privilege to continue our commitment of ‘educating and discipling’ our students to enable their parents to continue their ministries across Africa… Pray for our families across the globe as they grapple with schooling their children at home, whilst continuing the ministry to which they were called. Pray for staff as our term has begun this week online.”

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