September 13, 2019

Sheona Chisholm

“There is excitement over the next few months as we have more folks coming to serve here with AIM Care, AIM AIR and On Field Media (OFM). In October we have two more new AIM AIR families coming to Nairobi; then in January a new OFM single woman is coming to Nairobi; in February an AIM Care family (two psychiatrists) are coming to serve here; then in July we have more AIM AIR and OFM families coming to serve. Sadly we do have other folks leaving Nairobi. So there are lots of comings and goings. Sometimes folks go on Home Assignment for 4-6 months and other times it’s folks leaving to serve elsewhere.” Praise God for sending these new missionaries to Africa, and please pray for them as they prepare to being serving in Nairobi. Please pray for Sheona in her role in helping new missionaries settle in to serving as part of Africa Based Support.

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