March 6, 2015

Seb Allwright

“Life is better lived together. This has become more and more evident to me over the last few months as I’ve began to build new relationships in Kampala and had the privilege to travel to many places. We’re meant to live in community, to look out for one another, care for and love each other… It’s been a privilege to travel to different places and see what this looks like in different cultures…. In Chad they sit around a tray of food and each person dips their fingers in, among the IK they sit together in community meetings to discuss things, in the DRC the church gathered on a rock to celebrate together. In Africa a common saying is ‘I am because we are’. Often I hear a Ugandan friend when I ask him how he is he replies, ‘we’re ok’. I am because we are. My prayer is that I would let go of my selfishness and truly embrace doing life together, that as Paul says, I would gladly spend and be expended for you. I pray that I would gladly spend and be expended on behalf of those who I live among here, my family and friends in the UK and the Short-termers who I serve in my work.”

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