November 29, 2019

Seb Allwright

 “A few weeks ago I helped lead a group of church leaders from a part in Uganda called Soroti to Karamoja region on an exposure trip called FUEL-X. This is designed to provide exposure for people with leadership roles within the church, those who have some level of influence, to the needs and opportunities in UPGs (Unreached people groups) across the region. The hope is through this exposure people will catch a vision for mission among UPGs and consider how to respond individually, but primarily as a church. To process the role their church or churches can play in reaching the unreached. We did this through connecting the leaders with different missionaries to share experiences, to visit different areas to see the needs and opportunities first hand, to hear from local church leaders at different levels about the challenges they face in ministry particular to the location they serve in and to experience in some small way how people live for example food, water, travel challenges, environment etc. I hope this model can be used across the region. This was a precious time with these church leaders, and the feedback following has been encouraging with a greater vision and further training planned.” Please pray that through the experience of these church leaders their churches’ heart for the unreached will grow.

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