October 27, 2017

Seb Allwright

Seb is now the Mobilisation Coordinator for Central Region, working to see the local church in the region send its own missionaries. “How are we going to see the remaining unreached people groups in Africa, those cut off from the good news of Jesus, reached? One answer is for the churches across Africa to take up the baton and run with AIM and other mission agencies in seeing this happen. How will this happen? How do we encourage the churches to be part of this? How can the churches in Africa send missionaries? What models are there to learn from? Is the traditional missions model going to work? How are the right people to be sent from churches identified, trained and sent? These, and many more, questions are what I’m now focussed on trying to answer to work towards seeing the Church in Central Region (Uganda, Chad, South Sudan, Rwanda, CAR and DRC) mobilized to mission. The dictionary definition of mobilize is the preparing and organising of troops for active service. I like this! It’s what we’re trying to do, preparing and helping organise the church in Central Africa for active service. So I’m now no longer involved in Personnel directly, though of course we need people to see this happen! But I’m rather focussed on this. I have a blank sheet of paper and told to go and have fun… I’m spending time meeting individuals, church leaders, para-church organisations and other mission agencies to try and help answer these questions to give some clear direction for us in Central Region as to how we will do this.” Please pray for Seb as he works on how AIM can encourage and involve the local Church in Africa in sending its own missionaries.

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