October 16, 2015

Sam & Leanna Williamson

“Looking back I can’t quite believe that the work with the shepherds is reaching the one year mark. It seemed a bit of a ‘wild card’ mission in the first place with only recruiting young men (there are very few young men on the mission field), the team living in extreme conditions and visa issues! But yet the team are now finishing their first year with lots to thank God for. The guys have built good strong relationships with the shepherds, their families and home villages. They have been accepted into Basotho communities. The guys have been able to talk and share advice with local people. Their Sesotho language is ever growing. Caleb was out with his shepherd companion, Semeche and when conversation lagged Semeche asked Caleb to read some of the Bible stories to him out loud. Caleb proceeded to stumble through the pronunciations of two stories: The Fall, and God Calls Abraham. Semeche gave Caleb pointers for pronunciation, but beyond that asked a few questions about the stories, which Caleb could answer in Sesotho! He was able to tell him that the descendant of Eve who would defeat Satan was Jesus! While certainly not a fully developed Gospel presentation, it’s the beginning steps. The Sesotho Bible stories are being shared using solar mp3 players. Mark and Tobias have been living with a shepherd, named Moramang, a rough individual who smokes marijuana, who wears all sorts of superstitious amulets and beads and always carries a knife round with him. A few weeks ago when Mark was looking for him he found Moramang sitting in the grass listening to the Bible stories and sharing them with another individual. Chris has given Bibles to the Ntate Maletsfansni and his family and when Ntate Maletsfasni was passing Clarens popped into our house to say hello with his friend who also wanted a bible. Needless to say he was given one!”

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